Friday, April 29, 2011

Fabulous Traffic Jams!

No more traffic jams! no more late, no more hassles,no more stress! imaging a day without worrying about traffic jam..imaging never having to feel bored in your car while waiting for the traffic jam to clear..its heaven! but..this is what I go through when go to work and going home..really..really depressed!..whilst in the traffic jam,i see a lot funny people do in their cars when stuck in a traffic jam..

1)Scold their children..this isn't always funny..but, sometimes it is.. especially when you can’t hear what the parent is saying..they’re shouting at the rear view mirror and the child is in the backseat, fighting.. since that,this parent has either put the car in park or is doing all this with his/her foot on the brake..

2)Get out of the car to see what’s going on.. Sir,get back in your car,please! Sir we’re moving! We’re moving!Horns honking..

3)Watch movies.. Nowadays, many teenagers interested in installing DVDs players in the cars(not including me).. In the dashboard,the headrests,the, advanced! instead getting bored in the car, lets watch some movies..
4)Nose picking.. I know all of us have seen and most of us have done..but, when traffic is at a stand’s like everything becomes so much more extreme..i guess because you can really see the person digging and digging..scraping at the nostril walls..try to pull out some snot..yucks!
5)Make-up application.. womens always do this when wake up late..(i am one of them..)
6)Head.. (again..this is for the night traffic..)

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